Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Scare Force One" photos are not to be released

Photos taken from Scare Force One (an ABC term for the stupid low altitude flyover of New York City last week) are apparently not going to be released.

The public, which apparently paid more than $325,000 for the photo op, certainly deserves to see the photos, don't you think?

Certainly the Freedom of Information requests for the pictures must be piling up on the White House desk.

Here's the CBS story on the White House decision to keep the photos under wraps.

The President, who has promised transparency, will do himself a big favor by just releasing the photos and getting it over with. It's a one-day story at best.

It's not like there's a "Mission Accomplished" banner across the deck of an aircraft carrier.


otis said...

While answering a question about torture the other night, the president said that the U.S. needs to do the right thing ... even when doing the right thing isn't necessarily the easy thing.

Likewise, you can't commit to being transparent only when the results are pretty. The true test is when you're willing to show the warts, too. Besides, the internets are full of photos and videos of that flyover.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the President is willing for your kid to die, to keep Kalid Sheik Mohammed from getting water in his nose. I'm so inspired.