Thursday, January 10, 2008

OK, I lied...

Not quite gone to California and John Bowman sent me a link to another newspaper blog.

Check it out and I'll put in on my link list:

I really commend to your reading the following article:

October 17, 2007
Changes at the Mercury News

The same timidity and stupidity is not limited to Michigan.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

California here I come....

I'm heading to my native California for a three week vacation with my two sons and granddaughter. I will also check in with a favorite cousin and my sister.
Retired employees at the police department where I was once employed will be getting together for lunch to catch up as well.
What this all means is that blogging will go down for the next little while. However, I may have access from time to time to a borrowed computer and I will check in and perhaps get a chance to blog.
In the meantime, especially if you are new to, please go back to the first posts, catch up and comment.
See ya' soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It just gets worser and worser

Here's a link to a truly disturbing story provided by a blog reader:

No self-respecting editor would reign over the destruction of his/her own newsroom or capitulate to this kind of bottom line mentality.
Where have all the real editors gone? Gone to corporate board rooms every one.
Look for a blog item here soon on the loss of cajones/or the female gender equivalent of chief editors.
Thanks to the loyal reader for the msnbc link.....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Another former news employee chimes in

Another, short interesting journalism related article. Pretty cool blog too!

Follow the link in the blog entry to the article by Alan Mutter for much bad news

I've also begun to add new blogs I've found that relate to the newspaper industry and its current troubles. Fading to Black is a good one, which I have added to my list.

Things are spinning in San Jose

More bad newspaper news, this time about an old friend of mine, Carole Leigh Hutton and her short tenure at the San Jose Mercury News.