Friday, May 8, 2009

No Star Trek review

Offline, I frequent reader of this blog wrote to complain that the Flint Journal ignored the opening of the new Star Trek movie.

A big movie like this should have rated a review, the commenter said.

I haven't seen the dead tree version today, so can't verify it myself, and I took a cursory look at the MLive site without success.


Anonymous said...

The Journal ran a wire-service review in Wednesday's Today section. "Star Trek" opened Thursday in most markets.

Anonymous said...

The Journal ran a wire-service review of "Star Trek" in Wednesday's Today section. The movie opened Thursday night in most markets, including Flint.

Anonymous said...


An AP review of "Star Trek" ran in Thursday's paper, which is fitting as the movie debuted at midnight that night.

The thing that surprised me was that the Journal gave it 2 1/2 stars while the reviewer seemed far more positive to the movie.

Jim of L-Town said...

Maybe they were talking about a local review, like I said I didn't see or read the paper this week, so I didn't know.

I'm not a big fan of movie reviews, although I used to like the in-house reviewer we had and often read him.

The Journal used to have a great book review section, which they dismantled. Heck, I used to review books for the page. Got a free book out of it when I did.

But thanks to all for clearing up the great "Star Trek" movie review mystery.