Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random thoughts for a Saturday morning

Just saw the Friday front page of the Flint Journal and the lead story is a huge feature story on one of the American Idol finalists.

Turns out the kid, Kris Allen, one of the three finalists, has a great-uncle living in Linden. Just when I had gotten the last American Idol-Flint Journal orgy out of my head, here comes another one.

When I expressed concerns, as an employee, the last time the Journal devoted a full-time reporter and extensive resources to covering a local contestant in the 'Idol' show, I was told that this was the kind of story that would bring 'thousands of young people' to the paper and perhaps dig us out of the hole.

Not so much, as it turned out.

On a completely unrelated topic, when I had my cereal this morning I discovered that I had forgotten to run the dishwasher yesterday and so was forced to use my granddaughter's "Strawberry Shortcake" spoon to eat breakfast.

I think the cereal tasted just a little bit better today.

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Anonymous said...

Stephen King had a contest on his website from a writing prompt in his book "On Writing A Memoir of the Craft". He posted the best stories submitted and then said there were some stories, candidly, that were abysmal. He didn't post any of those because he thought it was poor sport to shoot a cripple.

If only Simon Cowell would heed that advice.

From what I've heard from those who've tried out for the show the producers during prelims they'll take the terrible singers, make them think they have something when they're unwittingly sent to become the subject of Cowell's latest joke.

In this era where it's harder and harder to find great singers, songwriters, I refuse to be party to that.