Friday, December 17, 2010

The new journalism: Taking money for your opinion

Guess the ethics policies have changed at some newspapers along with the pay.

One young, underpaid journalist had a profane rant to go along with the story. Please be warned the language is harsh and as I already said, profane. If you are offended by that kind of language, please avoid the link.

Some thoughts for a cold 'fall' day

Was listening to a story about deadly wooden, drop-sided cribs this morning and I started jotting about how incredible it is that I am still alive and old enough to collect my pension.

Here's why:

I spent my infant days in a crib with drop sides.
I rode a bicycle without a helmet.
I rode in cars without a child restraint seat.
I lived in a house with lead paint.
I broke thermometers and played with mercury with my bare hands.
I owned a b-b gun.
I was spanked when I was bad, at least once by a teacher. My parents approved.
I played sandlot hardball with no helmets, pads or uniforms. Gasp.
I played tackle football in the park with no pads or helmet.
Somehow I survived. Oh, by the way, we had lots of fun.

Feel free to add your own....

'Aggregation may not be everything" after all

An interesting note from Poynter. Seems like some of the online sites are now going for 'content' who knew?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lions win: Hell freezes over

We knew it would happen when hell froze over and today the Lions won a game and as you can see, it was frozen in Hell. (That would be Hell, Michigan, a real place in Livingston County.) They have a chapel there for twisted folks who want to start married life in Hell.