Monday, May 4, 2009

Executive Editor podcast outlines new newspaper sections

The new executive editor of the Bay City Times, Saginaw News and Flint Journal talks about the exciting new sections coming to the three-day-a-week Flint Journal.

He also answers some tough questions at the end of the comment sections, including an admission that a number of employees who the company hoped to keep, declined to accept the large pay cuts that the company offered them.

Make sure you read all the comments. I'll reserve mine for now.


inky said...

So the people of Flint, Saginaw and Bay City will get all the news that's fit to print on obits, weddings, college dean's list and nice people of the week. And in this "Let's Go" section, the papers will advance the heck out of the summer vegetable-of-the-week festivals and make sure everyone knows that you can fish in Saginaw Bay. Whew, thank goodness someone is guarding the franchise.

However, I didn't catch Hiner's mention of which sections will carry the in-depth stories and investigations.

Bob Allen said...

My confidence in the execution of plans of this sort and their eventual success is inversely proportional to the number of times the person in charge refers to the newspaper as a "product" and the changes to come as "exciting." Now, I love newspapers. But I would not ever describe them as being exciting.

In other words, my assessment can be distilled thusly: Aieee.