Saturday, May 9, 2009

A comment on a comment

Great comment on by someone named Steve Thorpe. Responding to the bachelor's degree requirement for job applicants at the online site, Mr. Thorpe placed the following comment:

"Steve Thorpe in May 1, 2009 1:44 PM
Bachelor's degree? I guess Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Paul Allen need not apply. Very 21st century. But then I presume you only intend to be unconventional in SOME ways."

As someone on this blog noted, this requirement will also probably disquality a number of those "hat-on-backwards" types as well.

The want new and unconventional, but only if they have a conventional degree.


Anonymous said...

same o'l management though.

Anonymous said...

today on the bay city times:

a story about a new phone-in obituary line, which according to the editor, "illustrates the opportunities that newspapers are finding as new technology emerges."

the telephone. amazing!!!

Jim of L-Town said...

It was on the front page of the Flint Journal as well.

I'm going to blog about this after church. I think there is a big opportunity for someone out there to start a small sheet with just obituaries and eat the Journal's lunch again.

Ruth said...

I think that broadsheet needs to be the obituaries plus Dear Abby. And maybe a few daily events...