Saturday, May 9, 2009

All things Red Wings at Kuklas Korner

A Free From Editors reader, I think from L.A. or who is visiting there for the hockey playoffs, sent me a tip on where to get more Red Wings news.

It was in a post about the lame coverage of the Red Wings game in Friday's MLive that prompted the comment.

But the poster sent me to Kukla's Korner and the compilation of links to all things hockey. I know there are a number of Detroit Red Wings fans who stop here and you will find a one-stop shop for links to the Red Wing coverage by the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News and, if you are really desperate, MLive. Plus many, many more.

There are links to bloggers and pre-game, in-game and post-game coverage. It's now listed in my favorites. The poster recommended the "Abel to Yzerman" link, especially on game days.

So thanks to the poster and enjoy. I know I will.
p.s. Last night I got home from dinners with some friends and finally gave in and spent an extra $10 a month to add the television package to my Dish Network that provides Versus and more hockey coverage.


Booth On The Precipice said...

As I've noted here and elsewhere, the whole key to surviving and turning any sort of profit will be linking in and linking out like crazy, just like what does. The success will hinge on Dearing's ability or inability to rope in as many of the area's bloggers as possible. That is why Dearing is repeating that mantra at community forums. If that aspect fails and some bloggers refuse to participate, fails. He absolutely has to get and Mary Morgan's Chronicle site to participate, among the other biggies in the area. Bottom line. To share percentages of ad revenue and attract as much traffic to as possible. This is the only reason Dearing wants to bring in outside bloggers. Not because of the reason he's publicly stating: "We're community journalism for the people by the people. We want as many of the community's bloggers participating as possible." There might be a shade of truth to this, but the main motive is financially based.

If he fails with this concept, the site fails twice as quickly as it would without the linking in/linking out-sharing strategy.

Jim of L-Town said...

I don't know why your comment ended up on a post about the Red Wings, but you make some good points.

Like you, I agree the success of any blog, this one included, are the links and referrals that drive readers to the site from other blogs and websites.

I didn't understand that at first, but I get it now and appreciate all the blogs who link to this one and how that has driven more traffic to this site.

I'm a small blog, with a narrow focus, but on days when I have 'news' I've had as many as 2,000 individual people looking in. I can track how many new visitors and even get an idea how many times the same people come here on the same day.

I'm not arguing that they need to be link-based, I'm just saying that is contrary to what his statement that " will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before." Can you say Drudge, Huffington Post, etc.?

But thanks for the insights.

Anonymous said...

Back on the topic of hockey, the Ducks are dead. 'Couldn't happen to a bigger group of morons. I hope Pronger impales himself on one of his golf clubs while he's on the course this week and, well, I guess you can use your imagination with that comment.

Certainly, I want the Wings to beat Chicago, but I don't have nearly the disgust for the Blackhawks as I did with Colorado 10 years ago or with the Poultry in the present.


Jim of L-Town said...

Gees, anonymous, tell us how you really feel. I'm pretty much in agreement, although I think I can work up a pretty big dislike for Chicago, if given half a chance, sometime in the first period of game one, for example.

Nothing will ever compare with the Avalanche - Wings rivalry of 10 years ago. Those were legendary matchups.

In fact, Claude (whose last name shall never be mentioned by me) still holds a special place of dislike in my world. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, Jim. The first elbow that's aimed toward Datsyuk's head will get the juices flowing, I'm sure. And that should happen two minutes into Game 1.

Too bad we're stuck with the NBC and Versus guys the rest of the way, though. I'll miss Ken and Mickey.

Anonymous said...

Sharks Rule! You know who I am.