Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AnnArbor.com now a blog

If you go to AnnArbor.com today, you will find missing that awful podcast that announced the launch of the site last month.

In its place is a blog, apparently written by the former Flint Journal editor. In his first real post he is giving folks a taste by reference of what AnnArbor.com will be.

Well, wait a minute, he gives a list of online sites thate AnnArbor.com will pattern itself after, but then takes it back by saying it won't be like any of them.

Again, they are short on specifics, on what the staffing will be and plans for the site. The clock continues to tick, the expectations are high and they appear to be still trying to figure out what they are going to be.

And if anyone wants to, I'd love it if you would suggest they follow this blog.


Anonymous said...

podcast is still there, just at the bottom, Jim.

Jim of L-Town said...

It's probably me, but I'm not seeing the podcast. I'm seeing a link to the announcement, but not the podcast with the former editor's face on it.

Anonymous said...

The first jobs are now posted at Ann Arbor.com. Others to follow. No salary information is specified. How low can the pay be that they can't list it?

Anonymous said...

I referenced this site just now on Ann Arbor, Jim. Now, we'll see if it stays or gets removed.