Wednesday, April 29, 2009 has posted its first employment ads has finally posted its first employment ads.

"Jobs for advertising and marketing positions at are still be defined, and those descriptions won't be posted until early May."

Hopefully they will fill that copy editor spot quickly so missing words like "still (to) be defined" won't slip by in a post.

No salary range is included in the first ads, which include three full-time and one part-time job. Below is the description for the part-time job. A kid with a bachelor's degree, probably college loans, is being offered a part-time position. Great.

Job Title: Community Assistant
Company: AnnArbor.Com
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Work Experience: 1 to 3 years
Education Level: Bachelor's degree
Date Posted: April 28, 2009
Job Type: Part Time Employee

As soon as someone has applied and gets an idea what the salary range is feel free to post it anonymously here.


Anonymous said...

Bachelor's degree.

Part time.


There goes the "hat on backward" demographic of self-trained web wizards.

But it does still cover the "living in mom's basement" demo.

Wonder if the serial content enabler is living large in Flint/A2 on a part-time salary...

guessing not ...

come to think of it, the ENTIRE STAFF of could live in his former Advance-underwritten home in Flint's poshest neighborhood and just about all have their own bathrooms ...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything about building-wide staff meetings planned for Newhouse newspapers on Thursday, April 30?

Anonymous said...

Bay City Times is doing the same thing. "Publishing Media Careers. Immediate Openings. A Mid-Michigan Publishing and Internet News Company is looking for energetic and creative individuals to excel in a fast-paced environment with great benefits. (GREAT BENEFITS? Since WHEN?)

Reporters, Sports Reporters, Sales Rep., Classified Sales, Customer Support, Graphic Design, Manager, Coordinator, Account Exec -- only the Classified Sales & Customer Service require a high school diploma. The rest "prefer" a college degree, the only REQUIRED bachelors degree is for graphic designer --

lovely they clean house and dump everyone then turn around and re-hire for the same positions.

where are the unions?

Anonymous said...

This should be a wake up call for any anti union folks out there. We need to protect our jobs, family, and our right to make a honest living. do you really want to work for such a cut throat company without a union? WAKE UP!! This is why they were formed in the first place. Most anti union people have never belonged to one. Some company's don't need a union but if there was ever a company that did it's this one ,and recent events just reinforce my point.