Friday, October 3, 2008

We're all saved, Congress approves bail out

OK, Congress now owns many of the worst loans in the country. Good for us. We're going to purchase $600 billion in bad paper. What a great idea!

Our kids will someday shake their heads in disbelief that we have done this. It may be sooner than later.

So I guess now, in America, you can start a business, take a loan, give a loan and there are no consequences. Default, go into bankruptcy and good old Congress will step up and bail you out. Makes me wonder why I've paid all my bills all these years.

We may have the most dysfunctional government in our history and there are not many signs it will get any better.

May God and our founding fathers forgive us for what we have done to their great invention.

What happened today after Congress caved and gave Wall Street what they wanted? The market dropped another 157 points. Serves us right.

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