Monday, September 29, 2008

My two cents about $700 billion

Does it bother anyone else that Democrats and liberal and moderate Republicans are so eager to hand over $700 billion of our money to a bunch of fat cat, Wall Street types to bail them out of a problem entirely of the fat cats' own creation?

All of a sudden the same people who can't stand "W" or anything he does, are lapping at his feet to quickly approve a $700 billion bail out, that on its face eclipses the cost of the entire Iraq War to date. Count me a little (make that a lot) suspicious.

At the other end are those cruel, big business conservatives who seem to be in favor of letting the fat cats lick out of an empty bowl. So who really is in the pocket of big business, those who would let system take its natural course, you loaned it, you eat it. Or those in Congress who want to hand $700 billion to the people who made the mess and put the government who failed to oversee the mess in charge of watching over it now.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and many Republicans seem hell-bent on having all of us pick up the tab for a bunch of banks who somehow didn't realize you can't loan out more money than you have and you should certainly make sure the people who borrow the money can pay it back.

My 401K stands to take a huge hit, but that doesn't mean out of my own self interest I believe my children or grandchildren should be on the hook to bail out a bunch of, at best, incompetent bankers, or at worst (and much more likely) a bunch of criminals who instead of robbing a bank with a gun cleaned it out by simply sticking the money in their pocket.

Someone needs to be heading to prison, and soon.

A few have wondered about my sudden affection for Ralph Nader. Of the Presidential candidates he is the one who was not up to his eyeballs in the run-up to this financial collapse.

So kudos to the Congressmen on both sides who said "no" today and let's hope the rest of this campaign includes a few more voices who may have an actual solution, one that puts the pain and solution where it belongs, with the people who caused it.

If Congress is for the "little guy," let's see them not stick the "little guy" with the bill.

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