Thursday, October 2, 2008

New story, no explanation, but more Lakisha

I'm a twice-a-day (or more) reader of the Flint Journal website. Not that I think it's a good website, but it's the only game in town.

So early yesterday I read on line about a man who died in Lake Fenton on Saturday. My first reaction was a guy died in Lake Fenton on Saturday and we're just finding out on Wednesday. So I didn't pay much attention to much of the rest of the story, except I think it said he drowned.

This morning, I'm catching up on the local news and the story is again there. This time with an identification of the victim and the fact he died of a heart condition and not from drowning. So I opened up the comments and find a couple folks who are thankful that the Journal has finally "revised" the article.

Now usually when the Journal runs a story and later updates it, you'll find a little link taking you back to the original story. Not there, not anywhere. The original story is gone. So I have no idea what happened in the original story, but it must have upset someone. Not a big deal, but I'm curious.

As to why a guy is found dead in a lake on Saturday and is not reported on until Wednesday I can only guess. Perhaps the fact that only one reporter (it used to be two) work on Saturday and that an intern (other than a full-time reporter) now works on Sunday, may contribute to that.

By the time anyone gets in on Monday to look into news, it's probably too late for the Monday paper, so the earliest you get a Saturday story in the paper is Tuesday, if you're lucky.

On another topic, you'll be glad to know - I know I was - that Lakisha Jones, the American Idol candidate from Texas, but with roots in Flint, is planning to get married soon in California. There's news you can use, and it was right on the front page. I mean no offense to Carol the wonderful feature writer who wrote the story. And just two days after I mentioned the managing editor's obsession with the story too.

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