Saturday, October 4, 2008

MSU rolls on

Michigan State University is now 5-1 on the season with the nail biting defeat of Iowa today in a defensive struggle.

I didn't watch the game, I had to harvest my grass field around my house. With all the rain this year, the grass has never stopped growing. So with my earphones in place I mowed while I listened to the Spartans take on Iowa.

The victory is all the sweeter because my brother-in-law Philip is a University of Iowa graduate. One year my sister, Philip, Joan and I traveled to Iowa City to watch MSU take on Iowa there and it was a disaster.

Philip bought tickets in the center of the rabid Iowa alumni section and the Hawkeyes dismantled the Spartans. So, of course, I called him this afternoon and told him how sorry I was he couldn't make it to East Lansing this year to see the game with me.

An MSU victory also brings a frown to one of my friend's faces, so I'm sorry about that. Now we'll see how Michigan does against Illinois. Should be a cake walk for Michigan at home.

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