Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victory MSU! Go State!

Just in time for football season a couple great reminders of why fall along the Red Cedar River is best.

And this great "Thriller" half time performance.


MichaelDPerry said...

I was in that band starting 45 years ago this fall.

Thanks for posting these videos, as they brought back great memories!

Jim of L-Town said...

Best marching band in the country without a doubt.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jim of L-Town said...

By the way Michael, my father and stepmother bought house number 200 in Foster City in 1964 at 892Constitution Drive. (They live in Virginia now).

In August 1970 I started my law enforcement career at the Foster City Department of Public Safety. I worked there for two years before taking a job at the Atherton Police Department.

I was back in Foster City a couple years ago and could not believe how it had grown and developed.

Along with Officer Dineen, I found a homicide victim in the industrial park in 1971 (I believe). Anyway, I only bring this up because I saw in your profile you live or work there.

MichaelDPerry said...

Small world. I live on Gloucester Lane, about 1.5 miles to the South.

Check out this map:

I took a Citizen's Police Academy course with the FCPD last year and enjoyed it thoroughly. They are a top-notch bunch, even for such a small town.

Jim of L-Town said...

When I was a DPS officer there, it was mostly wide open empty fields. Only the neighborhoods nearest the bay had been developed.

My parents bought their home on Constitution in 1964 for $24,000. They sold it about 20 years later for $330,000 and I guess before the crash it was near $900,000 or $1 million in value.

I just remember our house was on the direct flight path to SFO.

Everyone thought it would shake into the Bay with the first earthquake, but thankfully, not.

Some friends of my folks still live on Constitution Drive across the street from the old house and stay in touch.