Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More travels by the Beecher board

A follow up to the Beecher travel story of last week, has produced more records of excessive travel and expenses by the five-member Beecher Board.

As experienced reporters disappear from the ranks of newspapers there will be less of these kinds of investigative pieces.

More watchdogs, more corruption stories. Corruption will never go away, but with fewer people watching we won't hear about it.


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, with all of those grizzled vets who were forced out, the number of self-aggrandizing blogs lamenting the death of newspapers (which they had nothing to do with ... even though they worked at them for 30+ years) is sure to sky rocket.

Jim of L-Town said...

And yet, here you are, reading my blog and helping to make me money.


WalterSobchak said...

Oh yes. Blogger.com is a gold mine for new media prospectors.

Grizzled Vet said...

Anonymous 23:02: Have you had a Booth intellectual enema?

The "grizzled vets" you resent didn't kill newspapers. Newspapers were killed by clueless publishers who didn't see the Internet coming, and by stupid editors who assigned crappy stories with zero news value.

And by the way, the verb skyrocket is one word.