Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return of GR sportswriter draws fire, applause

Grand Rapids Press sports writer David Mayo, now a convicted felon for a marijuana cultivation is getting his old job back at the Press. This on the same day many of his fellow employees are on the way out.

Apparently police found more than 200 marijuana plants growing at the Mayo home, but he pleaded to a lesser crime. The 200 plants were for "personal use." That's a lot of personal use.

Mayo seems to be drawing as much ire over his lawyer's comment about his "humiliating" experience as a waiter as his drug use. Many of the long thread of comments are pretty brutal.

Some of the commenters appear to be Booth employees (anonymously) poking fun at the company's "zero tolerance" drug policy.

For my part, I believe everyone deserves a second chance, but it does raise some questions about how serious Booth is over its employee drug policy.


former newsie said...

What? No one finds this item worthy of comment?

Anonymous said...

Going to be tough for him to have any credibility if he goes after an athlete who gets into trouble with the law or has drug issues. Does anyone know if Grand Rapids has stricter drug testing than the other Booth papers? Sounds like it.

Anonymous said...


I've been writing for nine years, have no criminal record, have never done drugs and once even held a top-secret security clearance. I've done good work.

And I'm currently an unemployed writer who can't even get a job at Wal-Mart, where it's a miracle comparable to the feeding of the 5,000 if you find an employee who actually knows where anything is.

What humiliating jobs have I done in the meantime? Let's see...telemarketer, bagel maker, overnight plastics factory worker.

I swear, this industry is dying and management is still too stupid to understand why.

Anonymous said...

absolutely deplorable. Grand Rapids staff continues to be waaaaaay overbloated and Mayo is not even that good of a columnist!

Anonymous said...

Goes away from the Mayo topic at hand, and certainly his employment should be debated, but I have to take issue with the waaay overbloated comment.

Its author should actually check the staff at GR before referring to it as that, and I'll issue the challenge. Find me another daily paper over 100K circ that has only 9 FT news reporters, 3 1/2 biz reporters and a FT sports staff of 8 and you'll win the cookie of the day.

Mind you that the market is the state's second largest city, and one with actual growth occurring.

I'll toss in a blue ribbon with that cookie if you can find a staff that small.