Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Newhouse bad news

The shoe has dropped in New Jersey. Sounds like a radically different newspaper in the coming months. My favorite pull out quote:

"We've got from now to the end of the year to figure out what adjustments we have to make," Willse said. "We will be able to produce an abundance of good stories. We will still have a good paper but we have to figure out exactly how to accomplish that."

Where have we heard all that before? These editors might as well be political hacks for all the spin they are churning out.

See story:



Anonymous said...

If the Star Ledger (or any other paper, for that matter) can cut half of its newsroom staff and still produce a paper of the same depth and quality of content, then the top managers are as equally bad at running a business as they are at PR spin.

Anonymous said...

Jim Willse, the Star-Ledger's editor, said Friday that the newspaper accepted 151 buyout offers from its news staff, or about 45 percent of its 334 editorial employees. He said 17 buyout applications were rejected.


Willse said the paper has no plans to pull back its coverage or circulation area following the staff reductions.

• 45 percent staffing cut
• 17 would-be escapees stopped by the guards
• No plans to change coverage

I know journalists are bad at math, but apparently editors are delusional.

Guess those 17 rejects are gonna be 45 percent busier.


Anonymous said...