Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life after Booth: Bay City Times environmental reporter leaves, starts website

Jeff "Mr. Great Lakes" Kart, the former environmental reporter for the Bay City Times has started his own website.

As readers here know, I'm not what you'd call an environmentalist. I believe in recycling, conservation and protecting the environment. While I don't subscribe to popular man made global warming theories, I'm always willing to listen and consider real evidence.

So stop over and see a former Booth colleague who is now out on his own. We wish you good luck and good fortune Jeff.

He has some great suggestions on how to find out if your beach destination is safe. We do disagree on Larry King, who I believe may be the worst interviewer in the history of television.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, if there's a worse interviewer than Larry King, it would be Ahmad Rashad. Otherwise, I've seen a few of his interviews . His interview where he asked Jerry Seinfeld if Seinfeld had been cancelled was classic.