Sunday, June 27, 2010

Connor Doran, a young man with a talent

A former colleague and his wife, Tim and Amy Doran, have raised a remarkable young man that some of us knew as an infant. Following is a that a friend posted on Facebook.

A great post for a Sunday.


Susan said...

WOW...what a beutiful young man! Thank you for sharing that inspiration.

Jenafor said...

I hope this message finds its way to Connor as I just watched in horror as he was cut from America's Got Talent. I don't live in the United States but we get American stations here in Canada. That said, on the two occasions I watched Connor fly his kite I was moved beyond words. Connor you touched my heart and lifted my soul with your flawless inner beauty and your equally flawless "dance" with your kite. It is a rare thing in life for one to be able to witness a beautiful being going through the process of a beautiful creation. I am honored, I am blessed and I encourage you with every fiber of my being to continue expressing yourself in the unique and glorious way that you do. I am humbled. To your parents, to your mother I can only extend my deep appreciation for bringing you into a world that is often sadly lacking in the wonder, the joy and beauty that exudes from you. The world is a far richer place for having you in it. Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

I have never done anything like this before, so I apologize if its over the top. But I need to say that I SOBBED and am still crying as I type this. As a child of an epileptic mother and as the mother of a boy with special needs---My heart breaks and soars at the same time for this incredible young man. Please if you could pass on to him and his parents that they are all an inspiration to me and my family. I am SO mad at America's Got Talent-but God knows that Hollywood doesn't usually recognize quality, integrity or true God given talents. Thanks for letting me vent.

Jim of L-Town said...

I'll get a link to your comments to the parents. Thanks. Whether or not Connor moved on in the competition it is obvious that he has already "won" the hearts of many, many people.


mousie said...

Hi there, Amy Doran here, and I just got caught googling my own kiddo.. how funny right?

Tim and I are very proud of him.. this was all his own idea... and I am truly along for the ride..
I have to say he has taught me more then I ever knew before.. and I am grateful.
thanks for all the wonderful comments and support.
Amy Doran
Connor can be reached at

Jim of L-Town said...

thanks amy. My wife and I attend a church not far from the Court Street home near Dort Highway that you and Tim (and Connor) lived in many years ago.

I always think of you guys when we pass the house. It is still a really nice looking house.

Thanks for responding.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Connor many many times, and I am wondering how I might get in touch with him or his Mom Amy. I have an unusal request of Connor, my sons fiancee recently lost her mother to cancer at 41. She has half custody of her 7 yr old sister and is having a pretty hard time accepting all of it. Connor touched my heart so much when I seen him on America's Got Talent and watching him constantly on here. They are having a memorial on Oct. 17, 2010 here in Grand Rapids MN and I wanted so much to let her and her sisters know how much at peace her Mom is now. If I can figure out a way to have Connor be here and fly his kite, I need any and all suggestions as I know that he would be able to help them know that she is ok. Please respond to Thank you to all that can help or give me suggestions.