Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now I can be disgusted with two Presidential administrations

After months of stonewalling, the Obama Treasury Department has finally responded to a Judicial Watch FOIA and released documents it once said did not exist. So much for transparency.

In the documents is the evidence of the ham-handed manipulation by the Bush Administration back in the fall that banks didn't have a choice about taking the TARP money, but that the government would not let them leave the room without their forced agreement to take our money, even when many said they didn't want it or need it.

It was outrageous then and it is even more outrageous now because as I predicted back then, the billions of dollars the government forced these banks to take has vanished into the ether.

And who was involved in both actions - the tax cheat Timothy Geithner.

"Change" - not so much in this area.

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