Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The danger of watching too much television

Watching the Channel 2 news in Detroit I was excited to see that someone has finally combined the two things they believe men like the most - football and lingerie - into a new "competitive" sport.

I predict a very short life to this, but it will receive a lot more publicity than it deserves. If you want a link to look at this, you'll have to search for it yourself.

Secondly, I was struck by a Viagra commercial that shows a couple taking a small speed boat named "Viagra.com" to a desert island where they wink at each other and head into a small native shack to, well, whatever. Just as the man enters the building, he looks back outside and closes a door curtain.

Besides the obvious innuendos in the commercial, why would you need to close a curtain on a desert island?

That's just the way my mind works.


oakland said...

Dodge tried a Lingerie Bowl around the Super Bowl a few years ago, and the female marketing chief who came up with the idea was fired.

Anonymous said...

iIm worried about you!

Rick Haglund said...

Yes, the Lingerie Bowl was the creation of the infamous Julie Roehm, who was later fired by Wal-Mart.

inky said...

May is sweeps month, so be on the lookout for all kinds of soft porn "Special Reports," like Channel 4's laughably famous strippers-on-the-golf course series.

Anonymous said...

im personally sick of the Quiznos commercial
"Scott, put it in me"
says the oven about the torpedo penis shaped sandwich.

Pam said...

We love how your mind works. At least it works. Mine is collecting unemployment.