Friday, February 20, 2009

Another view of cutting publication days

From Editor and Publisher (with a hat tip to JT, again):

To print or not to print

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Detroit's at the point where it can barely support one daily, much less two. While I applaud the fact that David Hunke chose to do SOMETHING vs. just lie down in front of the train, I don't know if making people less dependent on their daily habit is going to help. I, personally, do not wish to sit with a laptop and read the paper --- if that makes me old school, then so be it.

The 1995 strike was the beginning of the end for these fine dailies. The Free Press has done the people of Detroit a huge service in uncovering the corruption of the Kilpatrick administration, and there is more to come. It is acculumlating awards for the text message scandal coverage and if it does not win a Pulitzer for beat reporting or meritorious service, then it will have been robbed.

Yet, where are the paying readers? As a society, are we really more interested in Lindsey Lohan's thong size than local investigative reporting?

I'll grab single copies of the News and Freep when I can and pay for Thursday-Sunday delivery. Then I'll pray that at least one of these papers comes out of this abyss as close to whole as possible.