Monday, December 8, 2008

FJ posts its own story on changes

The Flint Journal posted its own story on the changes at the top a couple hours after I did.

The person I incorrectly identified as the managing editor is listed as the Local News Editor. All these years and I thought he was a managing editor. He certainly tries to act like one. But now he will be THE editor.

Following this paragraph I will post a link. Make sure you check out the comments, all complimentary so far. And who can argue with a poster named Rivethead.

I would take issue with the contention that the new interim editor has strong community ties to Flint. Since coming back to the Journal a dozen or more years ago he has commuted home to Lansing every day. Unlike many of us who were told when we were hired it was important that we live in the subscription area, the Local News Editor (I'm trying to get that straight now) has never moved closer to the area.

He eats nearly every lunch at his desk and I'm not sure he could find many of our local cities on a map. So his ties to the Flint community, in my humble opinion, are very weak.

Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Whether the "temporary" editor was the ME or local news editor, what's the difference? All of this reminds me of an ocean liner and some deck chairs.

Anonymous said...

That rivethead poster is a rip off of the real one, and a poor rip off at that. A true ignoramus -- probably representative of the Journal's readership. Heh.