Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ever heard of a webinar, cyber conference?

The editor of the Flint Journal and soon-to-be one of the head gurus of Newhouse's Advance Internet team has been busy traveling to New York via carbon wasting air transportation recently. Reportedly at least three times.

So the guy who leans on "guys wearing their hats on backwards" to lead the way into the new Internet world, apparently is unable to figure out how to use the Internet to save a few bucks for the company by meeting online.

Having the editor stand up in front of a bunch of employees crowing about his exciting, new Internet job while they struggle with major life decisions on whether to take this buyout or cast their lots with the possible remaining jobs in a downsized Booth is more than some of them can take.


Anonymous said...

His elevation, and his apparent giddy discussion about it with staff, is another prime indicator about the future of the company, its Internet strategy, and its core leadership values.


Santa won't be coming back with another bag of cash next year.

Anonymous said...

Tony = Internet pioneer

Anonymous said...

Psst -- who's going to tell Tony that crappy content is still crappy content even when it's on the internets?

Anonymous said...

Internet pioneer?

Thanks for that — I just spit coffee all over my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Does Tony have a Myspace page yet?

Jim of L-Town said...

Couldn't find a My Space for Tony, but did find his Facebook page.

Loved this status:

"Tony Dearing is fantasizing about only having one job and getting home before 10 o'clock some night."

Must be nice to have two jobs when you're in the process of leaving a lot of people with none.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

God, I almost wish I had access to Facebook to tell Tony a few things, altho I doubt he'd allow me to be his facebook "friend."
The arrogance and stupidity of this guy is almost laughable, if it wasn't so sad. This boob couldn't even turn on his own computer at The Journal without help from the pros. And his excuse for allowing his man Friday to create and dictate news will only translate into less and less readership wherever they hang their hats. Please, someone, turn out the lights, because Journalism has left the building.

(Somewhat edited by the blog administrator for being a little over the line. Passion is good, but there are sentiments, while understandable, that cross the line. Sorry to have to do that, and it's only the third time in 8 months I've had to)

Anonymous said...

I think Facebook would be more up Tony's alley. He'll need a Facebook page for each of his two faces.

Anonymous said...

MySpace is for petter-asses

Jim of L-Town said...

Urban dictionary defines petter ass as equal to a pedophile. Probably should have deleted the comment, but I'll let it go as long as we all recognize that there are a lot of people on MySpace who are not pedophiles.
I don't have a MySpace, but I know a lot of good who do. There are probably pedophiles on MySpace, but let's not brand the whole network.
Besides, the comment is way, way off topic.