Saturday, September 27, 2008

We need more voices

The lack of clarity by two Presidential candidates on the current economic crisis or what they would do about it was the most startling aspect of last night's debate.

As one who believes that more voices, not less, should be involved in the election debates I would just call your attention to the specific actions that Ralph Nader would take in the current crisis. Of course, his voice was not allowed in the debate.

It is my belief that the two-party system has resulted in one-bureaucracy rule in Washington, D.C. As futile as it seems there needs to be more independent voices in our country. Bot the main parties are addicted to pork barrel projects and narrow self-interest.

Whoever wins this election nothing will really change (even though both say they are running for just that). The big money will continue to control who does what in Washington. Two-party rule, in my humble opinion, is slowly eroding this country.

What would it hurt to invite a couple third, and fourth party candidates, to the debates.

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