Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adios, Matt MIllen

Detroit Lions fans are celebrating the firing (finally) of general manager Matt Millen.

I asked a few days ago the famous question of a former Lions' coach: "What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?"

Millen got the answer, when the team's owner is publicly called out by his son in the media, I guess that's what'll get you fired.

The problem is that Matt has left the tool box pretty empty. We have Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Jason Hanson and, well, we have those three.

All we need now is an offensive line, defensive players who can tackle and a quarterback who can throw. That's about it. For those of us who have tried to stick with this team (I'm off the band wagon now) we have watched individually great players - Barry Sanders, to name one - play their entire careers here without ever making the playoffs, or making it one time.

Firing coaches, general managers and players hasn't really translated into a better team in the past so I'm not holding my breath now.

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