Friday, July 18, 2014

Police reporting 101: Yeah, he captured it

I enjoyed reading this story in the Chicago Tribune. I know that it will hit home with some of the former police reporters and photographers who are readers of this blog.  I saw the entire story on Facebook, but you may have to be a subscriber to read online at the Trib. I'll see if I can find another version that you can read without registering.


Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust... Ann Arbor Chron folding up tent:

Anonymous said...

This story, Why do Sunday newspapers cost so much?, is telling as it is forboding because of the reminder of the coming train-wreck between newspapers, especially of the print variety, and doomsday demographics showing younger folk simply don't read papers and see no value in buying overpriced Sunday papers. The Sunday Chicago Tribune costs a whopping $6. While I believe a fine Sunday paper is still worth that price (akin to a grande Starbucks beverage, a guilty pleasure of mine occasionally, no-whip), I'm a baby-boomer and my demographics are less relevant in this regard. Read more:

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While browsing MLive content today, I noticed a story with an icon above it that said, Sponsored Content. See link below. Maybe this has already been hashed out here but, if not, I thought this might be of interest to former FJ staffers and retirees. Apparently it's an online advertising-related gimmick -- a hybrid between news and advertisement. I don't know if it's new or not at MLive, but it's the first time I've noticed it. I did try to quickly get some more information about sponsored content but the icon above this story contains no link. Then I tried searching MLive for sponsored content in quotes. The results included several sponsored stories under the heading of Information from advertisers. So who's sponsoring this story? My guess is it’s the subject, Awaken Leadership Center, but who knows outside of MLive's newsroom and advertising department? Advertisers long have run print ads that resemble news stories, but at least those are labeled as ads. MLive is taking this to another level, though I know they're not alone. Is this a sign of desperation or just good online marketing? Bravo to Google for warning media organizations to keep their sponsored content out of Google News. I plan to sponsor a story on sponsored content at MLive. Ha! Now discuss among yourselves! Here's the story:

Anonymous said...

Wow, for some FJ old-timers of the newsroom, when it really was a place where news was reported and not just tweeted over frothy lattes, cappuccinos and fraps, this pic of an ancient Genesee County Press Card is bound to bring back some memories. Find it on the Flint Expats site here:

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Trying to stoke the old fires of this tired blog...

Couple items from Michigan Radio:

Interesting perspective from former Ann Arbor Chronicle publishers on new journalism's ignoring coverage of various local councils, boards and commissions:

Also, here's a story on the newspaper trend of not endorsing candidates:

Certainly, the FJ has been a study in these two areas. To its credit, they still cover Flint council and Genesee County board meetings, but I'm not sure its coverage of other entities in and around Flint stacks up as it once did.

Can you imagine if our only coverage of Flint City Council was through the unfiltered but also unedited and rather long-winded lens of Flint local cable access, Channel 17? Guilty pleasure: watching Eric Mays rant and rave and wade into the audience mid-meeting to hog still-more camera time. Talk about entertainment! And watch the theatrics shift into super high gear once the EM exits unceremoniously and his various restrictions on council, and Mays in particular, are lifted.

Helloooooooooooo? Anyone home?