Friday, January 11, 2013

Newspaper expert responds to Advance, 60 Minutes segment

Kevin Slimp, a newspaper "guru" had this to say recently about the 60 Minutes segment on the Times-Picayune cutting publishing days. He has talked about Newhouse before like this article from August.

He was critical of 60 Minutes, but his bigger beef may be with the Advance folks who so poorly represented newspapers on the program.

And this about the supposed surge in online circulation.


Anonymous said...

"They had hoped for a circulation of 10,000 by February 2013. Instead, more than 10,000 subscribed to the newspaper within a week. Between home delivery and single copy sales, The Advocate currently reaches approximately 20,000 homes each day."

Too bad the Oakland Press hasn't thought about doing this here in Flint.. Genesee County Press anyone?


Anonymous said...

does anybody know how much a newspaper from the dates 1861-1961 concerning the civil war and south central pennsylvania???

the tilte

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Sunday News April 9, 1961

Velma said...

This is cool!