Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Orleans Newhouse property prepares for heavy cuts

Thanks to a couple FFE readers for the link to a story about looming cuts at the New Orleans daily, or should I say, former daily newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

Also note that the 3 Alabama papers are going down to 3 publishing days as well.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that the old way is dead and gone and those who embrace it soon will be too. It's a digital age and maybe its time to end all the moaning and groaning and whining on this blog about the good old days. "We loved newspapers and now it's all different, oh woe is me" The future has arrived and its not all about breaking news. Fast, breaking and local. You should be smart enough to read through this stuff and decide what's the most important to you. You don't need journalists telling you what's more important. We get you information fast and you do't have to worry about trying to read more than 500 words, either. You want in-depth go .... well, go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16:42 - Where will that "someplace else" be? Who will keep our leaders in check?

It takes time, effort, and skill to write any story of meaning.. there are a lot of people who can go to a meeting and write down who voted for what, and what car crashed and where, but someone has to investigate. Writing high-quality news is a full-time job and unless you have inherited money you can't do it for free.

Anonymous said...

Good luck NOLA T-P folks. I was so proud of Newhouse for bringing you home after Katrina. I thought that if there was a "good" excuse for killing of the T-P, it was in the wash out of Katrina. But there was a revival, a new press, a new hope that the indomitable spirit of the Big Easy would rise again. Dashed. Dashed to pieces like a Michigan recovery. I was among the first let go -- 15 minutes after "the pledge" was abolished. I'm trying to hang on, bankruptcy and foreclosure are realities of mine but I try, in multiple media, to bring sense to local readers and watchers of what's happening in their area. Why can't I give up and go work at (name big box store here -- with insurance)?