Monday, June 15, 2009

Inside Out: Your source for Booth News today

No time to blog today, but a quick glance over at Inside Out, shows a couple of good newspaper reads there.

1.) A post on newspaper cartoons. (I haven't followed all the links yet, but they look tasty). Also a link to a column by the Muskegon Chronicle editor about his decision to first cancel a cartoon, then reinstate it. I should note that the Chronicle editor is a former editor from the Flint Journal. During his tenure at the Journal, he also seemed to have a continuing fascination with newspaper cartoons, with several columns about the subject here. The Chronicle editor is a very nice person, but did little during his time at the FJ to encourage or demand tough investigative journalism here (kind of a Booth trait). As an editor he's just a little too fluffy for my tastes, but again, a very nice person.

2.) Another link to a Muskegon Chronicle column about some encouraging economic signs for that paper. The numbers seem a little confusing (readership up, but circulation down), but it would certainly be good news for the newspaper folks there if the recession is easing.


Anonymous said...

So have they done anything to totally screw up the Muskegon paper like that have the Journal?

Anonymous said...

The Muskegon editor was the guy who started cutting local content in favor of wire stories at the Journal everywhere possible.