Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No "slumdog" in our day

We had a beautiful day in the redwoods and on the coast yesterday. When I get home I'll post a few photos of the giant redwoods and the Pt. Reyes lighthouse.

After a day of hiking and touring we were too tired to go to a movie theater, but instead rented a DVD and watched "What Happens in Vegas" in our suite.

We also watched the news and it appears Congress is going to pass this massive bail out measure like the Capitol is on fire. The speed with which this is being done and the stupidity of many things in the bill is reminiscent of last September when the last bailout bill was done. And we all know how that turned out.

I'll say it again, we are simply burdening our children and grandchildren with a huge debt that will saddle them with obligations they cannot possibly pay. It is immoral, but everyone wants a quick fix and like most quick fixes this one will cost more in the end.

Stimulation is one thing, pork and projects that serve only small constituencies is quite another. Bailing out states is going to set a precedent that will haunt this country far into the future, but we all want everything now. We'll see how this turns out, but I am convinced it won't be good.


Anonymous said...

Im very happy I got to see you. Stay safe, and I think Taylor misses you. You know who I am.

Anonymous said...

OK William, I enjoyed seeing you too!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please take this off! Its just as dumb as watching Blades of Glory! Everytime I come here, I see this.Take it down. I did not get to see my "Aunt Pammer" when you were in Aptos.Thanks James

Anonymous said...

Thankyou! Thats more like it.