Monday, January 7, 2008

Another former news employee chimes in

Another, short interesting journalism related article. Pretty cool blog too!

Follow the link in the blog entry to the article by Alan Mutter for much bad news

I've also begun to add new blogs I've found that relate to the newspaper industry and its current troubles. Fading to Black is a good one, which I have added to my list.

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Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog. As a young reporter I often wonder where the future of the industry is heading. I personally know of several young and talented reporters who are leaving the field to become teachers and nurses. Hell, even rental car salesmen make more money than someone graduating from J-School.

In my opinion, it's not even economically viable to attend journalism school now unless you leave without any personal debt. When you make under $30K per year and gas is $3.15 a gallon, it's almost impossible to save for the future or pay for the past.

--A former co-worker (intern) trying to pay off J-School loans with a reporting job.