Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free at last, I'm free at last

For 30 years I've chased police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and politicians during my newspaper reporting career.
With my retirement Dec. 1 I will finally be free of the stupidity of editorial meetings and decisions, but I will undoubtedly still have a hunger to write. Thus this blog, which will provide a meager outlet for me to reach family, friends and those stuck in the morass of daily reporting.
Feel free to weigh in, criticize, lambast, insult and denigrate, you will join a long line of folks who have already done so. The only difference is I won't get paid for it anymore.
I'm a Christian who believes in the Golden Rule, so I won't fire back.


Anonymous said...

Love your new blog. As with you my favorite movie is Casablanca followed closely by Dawn Patrol. My only complaint with your blog is you didn't spell my name correctly.
Your loving father.

Jim of L-Town said...
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Jim of L-Town said...

I don't think I spelled your name at all, but welcome to freefromeditors. I knew it was you, because of the Dawn Patrol reference

Jim of L-town

Anonymous said...

Hey, my life was ruined by an editor. He gave me a job as a reporter, and it was all down hill from there, that no good *!#-7%&!

Jim of L-Town said...

Yeah, I had a friend who wanted to be a lawyer, but was hired on as a reporter by me in college and he blamed me for the rest of his miserable reporting life.
But at least we had fun writing in college.
Come back and visit often, please.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
You know after reading your blog and comments I'm actually feeling happy about NOT taking any of the reporting jobs!!!

I just stick with my blog. So what if I don't get paid.. at least i get to write the truth...

Congratulations on your retirement!!!


Jim of L-Town said...


Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blog and in finding a satisfying and lucrative career.
For some of its old timers we saw the business when it was good and watched in agony as it spun downward into its current state.
It was a great career and I'm just sorry that young people will not have the opportunity to carry it on in the manner it was once performed.
Keep stopping by....