Sunday, August 30, 2009

More wisdom and wit from Red Uleskey

More of my father-in-law Red’s private journal jottings as discovered by my sister-in-law Patty. Some of these are sooo good. We’re going to put them into a self-published book once we mine all the books that Red put them in. Again, some of them obviously deal with his declining health and advancing age, but others are just his own reflections. Each of them is a delight and a surprise to his family.

"He's as useless as a spare tire on the Goodyear Blimp.”

"I've lived long enough not to be remembered"

"The more you try to change, the more it stays the same"

"God only gives what he wants you to have"

"Life is over when you see the Dead End sign"

"The importance of being No one"

"No life is as full as it should have been"

"I like to worry, it makes me feel good"

"Love is an elusive commodity"

"Glaucoma is hardening of the eyeries"

"It seems as you age, you look forward to summer or death whichever comes first"

"Platonic relations are like a no thank you portion"

"Life is a lot of things but not easy"

"One of the worst things about life is that we take it too seriously"

"As you get older each day you learn a little, forget a lot."

"Death is Life's never happened" (I respectfully disagree with Red on this one)

"Life is the same old story with a different twist"

"Life is precious but short"

"I forgot what never was"

"There's only one perfect person in the world but you"

"Life is a puzzle we some time never figure out"

"History is never tomorrow for you"

"A little bit of life steps on everyone, Thank God its not a size 15EEE"

More to come.

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