Monday, August 31, 2009

Another California fire picture

A friend of my sister Pam, Dianne Adams, who lives in the area of the fire sent this photo taken from Crescenta Valley High School, the high school my sister Pam, brother Mike and I attended. This is the closest I can ever recall a fire coming to our area in La Crescenta.
Sorry to hear this morning two firefighters were killed trying to escape the flames when their fire truck went off a road and crashed.
Overnight, my old high school, along with nearby La Canada High School and Verdugo Hills High School were opened as shelters.


Pam said...

Hi Jim, not sure if this matters, but I don't think Dianne took the picture, just posted it.

How crazy is this fire? I'm nowhere near it, but I feel like I'm there. So many friends and places in the line of danger right now. Our old home, schools, church.

I think the folks that try to ride these things their hot tub....should be billed for the rescue. Someone would have sued if they hadn't been saved, the state should sue them for being stupid. I like Red's saying "We learn something everyday but don't get any smarter".

JAMorrison said...

Oh my, how scary is that?