Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photos from the fire

The fire truck (in the picture just above this note) is traveling on Foothill Boulevard towards La Crescenta. If you look just to the right of the fire truck in the far background in the foothills, that is roughly where I used to live. Click on the photos for a larger image.
Also, I know this may not be of major interest to folks back east, but many of my family and friends who check in here will be concerned. There is a pretty good 4-minute video from KTLA at this link. They are not providing an embed for this video.
From the KTLA story on the three injuries so far:
"Three civilians have been hurt, two in the Big Tujunga Canyon area and one off Highway 2 near Mount Wilson.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's official says the two people in Big Tujunga Canyon tried to ride out the firestorm n a backyard hot tub and were critically burned. They were airlifted out by a sheriff's rescue helicopter."
Now how California is that, riding out a firestorm in a hot tub.

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Susan said...

I can't even imagine fires like those in CA. Hope all of your friends & family remain safe.