Monday, August 31, 2009

More fires, more family to worry about

My sister-in-law Barbara lives in a beautiful spot called Lake of the Pines in Auburn, California. Barbara has been following my coverage of the fires in Southern California and alerted me to a serious fire that came within several miles of her home. My late brother Michael loved his home in the gated community at LOP.

It is where I stayed when I flew out after my brother's death earlier this year.

Barbara said she had the car packed and was ready to go because the fire quickly spread through nearby subdivisions destroying 60 homes and businesses as it went. Fortunately for her, LOP's was spared.

You can see the Sacramenta television station's coverage here. There are several videos available on the station's website if you are interested.

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Pam said...

Um, is it me, or does it feel like our entire history is about to go up in flames?!

I absolutely could not bear the thought of anything happening to our dear brother and Barbara's home. Thank God it wasn't touched.