Thursday, July 30, 2009

This morning at

When you try to access this morning this is what you get:

" is temporarily unavailable. is temporarily unavailable. During routine maintenance, we experienced a problem with our servers that we're working to resolve as quickly as possible. Please check back for additional updates. For those of you who have signed up for the newsletter, we'll send you an email as soon as the site is back up. We apologize for any inconvenience."

A wise person once said you only get one chance to make a first impression. This first impression is not good. You have to wonder if anyone at Advance or Booth is now regretting the choices of who they put in charge of this endeavor.

Don't say we didn't warn you. (Update: 10:20 a.m. - back up)


Anonymous said...

haha...haven't been on in a while...yeah you can thank me for reading...but my only comment is...YOU'RE STILL WHINING!!! WOW

Jim of L-Town said...

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

always have to have the last word don't you?...between you and a former sales rep who has sour grapes and who went to work for a two-bit fly-by-night gb operation, you all crack me up....bye bye :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a nap. Or a timeout.

inky said...

Or a reality check.