Monday, July 27, 2009

Inside Out: All things Flint Journal

Inside Out has an extensive look at the changes, some delayed, at the Flint Journal. There are links and photos.

Just back from Buffalo so it'll be a day or two before I get back to serious blogging.


Anonymous said...

Quote from Journal editor Marjory Raymer at Inside Out: "I must say it has been so rewarding to watch how the dedicated and talented crew in the newsroom has adapted to our new model. There is a real hunger in the newsroom to continue to find new and better ways to hone our craft on the Web."

Does she realize how insulting this statement appears to the dedicated and talented crew that they had no use for?

Jim of L-Town said...

I'm letting this comment go with the editor's name, because I have also found it and confirmed it.

Hyperbole is rampant throughout Booth right now.

Anonymous said...

The new FJ publisher has/will be bringing in his own business people - at the expense of current and long time employees. Look for a new Ad Director, Marketing Director & Sales Manager.

inky said...

According to Flint Journal management, "there is a real hunger in the newsroom to continue to find new and better ways to hone our craft on the Web."

Or perhaps the hunger in the newsroom is because of the fact that the staff took pay cuts of up to 60 percent to work 40 percent longer hours.

And seriously, "hone our craft?" Where'd that come from, Webster's Dictionary of Cliches?

Anonymous said...

Those left behind in the FJ newsroom are either young or had less than 20 years seniority. (Two reporters are now considered old-timers and both have leess than 20 years).

It's not that those left working are any more or less talented and dedicated, it is just how management made decisions.

Anonymous said...

I think the Raymer quote was meant to be insulting....actually.

New people do seem wonderful, with their youth and dedication.. their young minds void of forgetfulness from all the multi tasking. I mean the reckless abandon! Nothing too loose...i mean oops to lose.

Experience is in the toilet.
Just flush.