Monday, July 27, 2009 draws good, bad comments

Still reserving my own opinion of the new site, but here are the mixed reviews, so far, from folks who have checked in.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the comments and I am truly and utter amazed that they consider themselves to be in the phase of "beta" as stated by TD in the commend section.

Somewhere along the line the concept of "beta" has been severely, skewed. Beta is supposed to be release to a certain number of people to experiment with, before the "main" release.

Somewhere along the line (conjecture on my part, by lurking and reading) UI (User Interface) opinions were negated or not addressed?

Sure a website is evolutionary, that's a given...but you don't call what you present to the general public as "beta".

Jim of L-Town said...

Breaking my own rule here about Wikipedia, but there does seem to be a little grey area about what is a "beta" release.

It generally supports what anonymous wrote, although leaves open the possibility of a general "beta" release.