Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nieman Journalism Lab checks in on

Turns out we all misunderstood the content czar when he said that the new site would be "something we had never seen before."

He didn't mean it would be spectacular or ground-breaking, he actually meant it would be the opposite of that.

I think he was successful then.


Anonymous said...

I think I started my first my yahoo page in 1998, which delivered the river of news concept. I'd guess google's started in 2002. And facebook has been around for, what, 3-4 years. I guess an 11-year-old, at least, concept is "innovative" to a Newhouse man. BTW, my 59-year-old father said "the new Ann Arbor News sucks!"

Anonymous said... = fail.

Very little original reporting. What original reporting there is, isn't exactly groundbreaking.

Today's site has the big story that people nationally download child porn. And that there have been few cases in Ann Arbor. Wow. Really? Phew...

Otherwise, the site is a collection of rewritten UM press releases -- isn't anything else going on at the university? -- and a couple of police items.