Monday, July 27, 2009

From my Dad: A new computer virus

I think he may have gotten this from someone else.

Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one. It appears to affect those who were born before 1955.
1.. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice. (Done that.)
2 Causes you to send a blank e-mail. (Done that too!)
3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person. (Yep.)
4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you. (Duh!)
5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment. (Darn!)
6. Causes you to hit SEND before you've finished. (Oh no, not again.)
7. Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND. (I really hate when that happens.)
8. Causes you to hit SEND when you should DELETE. (Rats!)

(Have I already sent this to you?)

With love,

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