Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love it when Congressmen are honest

Rep. John Conyers (about 2:30 into this video) admits he not only hasn't read the health care bill, but doesn't want to because not even two lawyers could make sense of it. Wow! (This speech has a very Sarah Palinesque quality to it). This will make you very glad you didn't have a ticket to the Press Club yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Calling this Sarah Palinesque is as intellectually lazy as anything you are accusing her of. John Conyers is the direct opposite, boring, arrogant, corrupt and anything but populist as the clip shows. Please, get a new catch-all or post things after you've had your coffee.

Jim of L-Town said...

Look, I'm not a Sarah Palin hater, but I have to be intellectually honest. Her going away speech was as poor and rambling as any speech I have ever heard.

I think she has gotten excessive criticism and the attacks on her family were terrible, but a good speaker, don't go there.

Unless you agree with Conan that it was actually poetry.

I agree with you about John Conyers though.