Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tigers Win!

A couple old (emphasize old) friends from my Journal days - Kim and Dave - came up with tickets to today's Detroit Tigers game. So I left work after an hour and played hookey all day at the game. Dinner in Greektown and then home. Tigers beat Baltimore 7-3 and Kim caught a fly foul ball off Carlos Guillen's bat in the second inning.

The bare handed catch, which was a ricochet off a nearby patron's stone hands, came just 30 seconds after Dave said we should have brought a mitt because we were sitting along third base in box seats.

Then Kim, holding the ball for maybe 3-4 minutes tapped the young man (10-12) sitting in the seat in front of him and handed him the ball. The kid lit up and I'll bet he never forgets the old geezer who gave up his first and only foul ball he ever caught at a baseball game. Kim is that kind of guy.

That will explain the lack of blogging today.

The game and weather were great and the company was perfect. Somedays should have a frame around them. This was one.


Anonymous said...

That's Kim, through and through. Good man.


Dave Forsmark said...

And since it was a day game, maybe it will ACTUALLY BE COVERED IN TOMORROW'S JOURNAL!

Here's another reason for them to publish on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, besides the fact that it would mean the paper could come out as close to every other day as possible:

Election coverage came out on THURSDAY! Gee, that tends to be kinda big news...

Anonymous said...

I always liked Kim. I miss Greektown!!!!!


Jim of L-Town said...


Seeing that kid's face was worth the price of the ticket. Kim tries to be the tough old journalist, but he's got a heart as soft as a feather pillow.


Jim of L-Town said...


You would be right, they had a story, an Associated Press story with an Associated Press photo.

In the daily days, Booth had a regular beat writer and a columnist likely would have checked in on the new young guns on the team.

The Tigers looked like a first place team yesterday.

Jim of L-Town said...


Kim has been my friend for 30+ years. I have many good friends and I'm always impressed by their quality. None more than Kim.

He'll be really upset I wrote all this, but giving a ball to a kid in the stands may seem like a small thing, but it was huge to that boy. He was sitting there with a mitt hoping to get a foul ball.

Anonymous said...


Election coverage didn't "come out on Thursday." It was published all night Tuesday and all day Wednesday online. Yes, it wasn't in the paper until Thursday, but to act as if there was no mention of it anywhere until Thursday is wrong.

Dave Forsmark said...

The point is, that to go from Sunday to Thursday with no paper is daft. It gets people too used to doing without it. They should strive to be as ever other day as possible. Sunday is a must, and anyone should know that Wednesday at least once a year will be the biggest news day of the week, if not the year. The fact that Thursday was in the top 4 for a DAILY paper so they kept it in the new paradigm speaks volumes about the intelligence of the people who make decisions. And as low as circ now is, you want to check it against online traffic?