Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Editor and Publisher confirms end to lifetime job pledge

Thanks to Inside Out for posting this link to the Editor & Publisher article.

This is an interesting contradiction as I just heard that the Flint Journal recently hired a new reporter with a familial link to its former editor. So, at the same time they are lining up targets for layoffs, they hire back a FOB. (Friend of Booth)

Trust me, they need more reporters, but what message does it send to the many people you just sent out the door that you hire back someone who lives in Lansing for a job you just had to give up because you were no longer needed.

I'd love to know what the diversity of the various Booth staffs are right now?

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Anonymous said...

Read a book by Nicholas Sparks several years ago called "Lake News." The main character was a newspaper man, a one-man band really. He was the editor, working with several freelancers he never laid eyes on, wrote articles and columns, sold all of the advertising, designed and laid out the pages himself, and ... delivered the final product personally. Hmmmm ... maybe it CAN be done!