Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inside Out: More inside stuff

Inside Out has several new posts worth looking at, including the news that Newhouse has again appointed the son of a former leader to take over his late father's CEO position at the company.

Newhouse/Advance/Booth have become a glorified employment agency for the children of its leaders. Ever wonder why their fortunes have sunk?


donoevil said...

Possibly the single biggest improvement Newhouse can make to innovation and profit would be to abolish nepotism. Very few successful companies would reward failed leaders with top posts in A2 and Flint – it’s not the way successful business should work. These son’s and daughters of past publishers are loyal to a fault – but are they competent to lead? Are there better candidates? Will never know.

inky said...

The friends and family plan works well for cell phone subscribers. For journalism? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Just in GRP as of Feb 2010. Full time job pleage is gone..