Friday, June 19, 2009

A story worth telling, a follow up worth really telling

This is the kind of story I loved to find and cover. It starts out as kind of a formula story, in which you are telling your readers about an important issue, in this case the release of jail inmates early, in some cases way early, because of jail overcrowding.

You do your due diligence, find an inmate willing to talk and then the story gets way, way better.
Now, I'm sure the guy getting thrown back in jail is angry that he ever cooperated with the reporter/reporters in the first place, but who is really to blame here?

A reporter asks you a question about how you feel about being released early from jail.

In response you:

1.) Express your gratitude to the sheriff for giving you a new lease on life.

2.) Keep your mouth shut.

3.) Criticize the sheriff who released you.

I submit that no one in their right mind would ever pick answer No. 3. Yet, here in Flint, we have such a person.

Johnny, tell our contestant what he has won.

A quick trip back to jail. Sure the sheriff could have been magnimous and looked the other way, but the liklihood of that was slim and none, and slim left town.

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