Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quiet Saturday rant

Last week I had one of the most frustrating phone conversatons I have ever had. While trying to resolve an issue over phone listings I ended up talking to someone in India.

Without wanting to offend them, I was finally forced to ask if there was anyone close by who actually understood or spoke English. This was an AT & T call center and when the supervisor came on the line, I bluntly asked him, where is this call center?

He was quiet, so I asked, is this in India? He admitted it was. Now, he was a very nice man, but he was completely unequipped to deal with my issue and simply kept saying yes, when I knew full well he didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

Why a company with AMERICAN in its very name is exporting its call service department to a foreign land is ridiculous.

All that brought to mind this video, sent to me by my unemployed sister and brother-in-law in West Virginia. I had not heard it before, but it has had 11 million hits, so far.

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Renee Tellez said...

A similar thing happened to me last year when I was trying to resolve an issue with Adobe. I had to call three times and each time they read from their "script" and told me the problem would be fixed. It was also clear that they really had no idea what I was talking about. On my third and final call, I demanded to speak with someone from the U.S. because it was obvious that they didn't understand my issue. After refusing to discuss it any further, I was finally given the corp. office number in California. I try to be very nice, but come on!