Friday, June 19, 2009

It's line up time at the Optometrist, dentist and doctor

Stopped by to make get my routine eye appointment, only to learn there is not such thing as a walk-in eye exam there until after July 1.

My eye doctor's office said with the end of vision benefits for car company employees, certain retirees and others by the end of June they are booked to the gills with appointments and walk-ins and not being taken. My doctor is scheduling extra weekend and evening hours to clear her backlog.

We're in the same boat here, with my wife's retirement some of our better benefits run out on June 30.

I'm on a waiting list for a day next week, but it doesn't look good. They said dentists and doctors are experiencing the same rush as people try to get in a last minute appointment under the wire.
So, if you are one of those folks, better get on the phone right away.

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Pam said...

Guilty. Got our eye exams and new glasses last week, am trying to get my dental appt moved from July 8 to June 30. Might have been better for GM/Chrysler to give more time, as now they will get hit with a huge bill all at once. I'm sure in the long run these cuts will help reduce the expense budget, although I worry it's short sighted. Good dental health can prevent major medical problems later. But its not my call and I'm just happy to still have what we have.

Good luck with those appointments. Same problem around here.